Monday, July 22, 2013

(3) 21 Down Syndrome Blog Hop

My friend Meriah is hosting a blog hop.  I love when she hosts hops, because I always end up reading a new blogger's writing or discovering some handy tip I never would have encountered otherwise.

The theme is (3) 21 - One truth, one tip, and one photo.


Sometimes, raising a child with Down syndrome is hard.  Sometimes, raising a child with Down syndrome is hilarious and good and even (gasp) pretty easy.

Today Ellie demonstrated both.

4:15 wakeup call, grumpy girl who didn't sleep at all this weekend, sleep deprived child demanding "downstairs!" long before even the birds are awake.  That's hard.

But also, a trip to the pool where she walked by herself, got distracted by a few dogs and had to bark at them, and splashed and played and laughed.  That's a good, good life.


Be careful what you pray/hope/wish for.  "God, please just let Ellie talk."

"Bye bye bucket!" as she dumped her bucket in the pool.
"Bye bye shoes!" as she threw my sandals in the pool.
"Hi shark!" as she hugged the creepy toy shark at the pool.


From the park over the weekend.

For more Ellie photos, I'm "meganlando" on Instagram.  Almost every day I post #dailyparkphotos.

Are you a blogger?  Feel free to join this little hop.

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