Saturday, June 22, 2013

My First Day of Summer, by Ellie.

Today is Mommy's first day of summer vacation!  Yay!

Here is my day, in iPhone photos.  Actually, it's only my day until before lunch.  I keep Mommy busy.

1) Walk to park.  Take time to stop and look at every stick, every leaf, and every dog en route.

2) Go down slide.  Discover slide is wet.  Go super fast.  Faceplant at the bottom.  Land in mud.  Find it hilarious.  Insist Mommy carry me home.  (Mommy would like to mention that she had not yet showered and only was one cup of coffee in at this point.  She went for a third cup.)

3) Draw with chalk while covered in mud.

4) Climb in wagon.  Buckle myself in.  Realize I don't know how to unbuckle.  Discover I'm stuck.

5) Help Elmo go potty (headfirst in the potty).  Watch Mommy give Elmo a bath.

6) Regain strength with a brief close of my eyes.  NOT a nap.

7) Go to the pool.  Insist I only swim in the big pool.

8) Practice kicking.  Determine that the baby pool, despite kicking, is not acceptable because I am two and not a baby.

9) Do chalk art on the door.  Watch Mommy take the black chalk and then hear her say something to Daddy about "giving up."

And then, it was nap time.  Don't worry, many more adventures await this summer, and I will be sure to keep you updated.



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  1. She is such a two year old! Its going to b a busy summer...

  2. You are a busy little beaver, Ellie! My girl is going to be nine now. I remember those two year old summer vacations, too. I used to send mine to a little camp two days a week so I could recuperate! Starting all over with an infant baby foster son who should arrive this week. I've been out of the baby/toddler loop for a while. Send prayers, please! I look forward to reading more about all of Ellie's adventures! She is just adorable.


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