Monday, June 3, 2013

Latest Developments, and "The Unfinished Child."

Walking remains a work in progress for Ellie.  It's been a long journey - my daughter who started out a gross motor rockstar (relatively, compared to other kids with Down syndrome) spent a year cruising.  She's an amazing bear crawler.  Her legs are strong.

But walking is Ellie's big "in her own time" thing, and I'm sure it's only the first of many.  She will walk.  She won't start Kindergarten crawling.

And I learn patience.

In the meantime, Ellie has been climbing up onto her little table, asking for "help" opening the china cabinet, and making "happy" and "sad" faces for Matt and I.  My blog updates have been less regular, not because I care less about this space, but because we have three weeks of school left and life feels like a blur of meetings and tests and general "end of school year" stuff.

Sunday morning, Ellie was up early.  I took her with me for a run, and we ended at the playground where she had a blast before we headed home to get ready for church.  And she did more walking than I'd ever seen before, making me so happy for her.

I'm impatient for Ellie to walk full time for reasons of convenience for me.  But for Ellie, I know she will laugh and play more with her friends once she can walk on uneven surfaces, and she's making progress.

I'm happy.  And still learning to be patient.

Note the black chalk on her face.  Walking.  Climbing.  Dumping LEGOs in her mama's drink.  Fruit snacks.  Cwackers.  Sad face.  Happy face.

I also just finished reading The Unfinished Child by Theresa Shea.  There's a lot in the book that made me smile, and a bit that made me cry, but in the midst of Ellie's walking struggles/triumphs, the most overwhelming emotion I felt reading was gratitude.  Gratitude that my girl is not in an institution.  That she's healthy.  That she's been given all kinds of opportunities, which unfortunately at this moment, include throwing all the items on the couch and coffee table onto the ground.

I'm thankful for my girl.  I'm thankful for good books.  I'm thankful for fiction that addresses the realities of Down syndrome.  I'm thankful for parents that have come before me to prove that our kids can learn.

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  1. Chin up Megan! Eleanor talks better than any other baby with Ds I've seen! Even better than a lot of typically developing kids. I bet she is is still focused on learning more and more speech. And that is AWESOME!!!!!
    Though, I too get sad with Emmrie, with speech, which I feel is less certain than walking.


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