Monday, May 6, 2013


Ellie's current favorite games include...

"Baby," which involves a lot of bossing around the baby.  "Dance, baby!"  "Walk, baby!"  "Jump!"  "Hug!"

"Hi baby!"

"Bubbles," which is a mess.

"Chalk," which is a mess.

"Singing" ABCs, EIEIO, and my new favorite, "Bippity Boppity Boo!" from Cinderella.  Ellie recently got a wand, and she waves it around yelling "Bip boo!"

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  1. Oh my word. I can't get enough of Ellie. I am pretty sure she would be the best baby doll mom in the world. Even if she does say No a lot. I am praying for you guys today with your evaluations. I hope things go well. Sending love.

    1. Ellie has a LOT of love and hugs for her baby dolls. She also has a lot of violence. I need to get a video of her putting a doll to bed. She yells "NIGHT NIGHT" and smacks them on the head, then tells me to "SHHHHH!"

  2. GREAT shot!! she's such a cutie! love following you on IG :)


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