Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Morning Hike.

A few days late, but some scenes from our Memorial Day.

Ellie played at a playground.

She couldn't quite get up to the tallest slide.

She needed some convincing to go down.

At the nature center, we saw some tadpoles and frogs.

Daddy helped Ellie find the wildlife.

Before our hike, we saw the rescue birds, including the horned owl...

...and this other owl.

Ellie thought our hike was super exciting, for about six minutes.  Then, forget about it.

Night night!

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  1. We just took our son out for his first hike this past weekend as well---and he also fell asleep! I think it must be the rocking motion of being in the pack or something. I love the photo of her on the slide!

  2. Awesome gross motor practice and gorgeous photography (as always)!


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