Saturday, May 11, 2013


As many of you know, I have attended a fair number of IEP eligibility meetings.

This week, I attended my first from a position of "mom."  The results of Ellie's evaluations were discussed, and in the end, we determined that yes, she is a child with a developmental disability.

Since Ellie basically didn't cooperate with the tests, she scored pretty low.  And even if she did cooperate, she would still qualify as a child with a developmental delay.

So although we've know that Ellie has Down syndrome since seven months before her birth, as of yesterday, she officially has a disability for school purposes.

In three years, Ellie will be reassessed.  But around first grade (I need to check the dates depending on her IEP date), the DD label will no longer hold and Ellie will need a new label, and we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

In the meantime, my mom will be left wondering what Ellie's delays are, because "Ellie is perfect."

More on ALL of the grandmas tomorrow.

For now, check out Ellie's slide skills.

PS. Ellie, who will not cooperate in PT, practiced her walking and stair climbing and sliding a ton for.... our 11 year old neighbor.

PS. #2. Remember when Ellie wrote about Patchy, the "woof" cat?  She got a note back.

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  1. Here's the deal. You want you child to score low on the evaluations so you can get the services she needs. It used to break my heart when I would get the results and read the numbers or the percentages. Now I just laugh and say to myself....good, now I can get more need services. My kids, 3 with DS, are so much more than an IQ number or a percentage on some scale.


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