Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Grown Ups. {Ellie Guest Post}

Dear all you grown up reader people,

It's been awhile since Mama had me post on here.  I think that maybe is because I've been working a lot on my favorite word ("no!") and Mama thinks I'll just type this:

"NO no NOOOO no no No no NOOO nnnnooooo NO."

But I have way more to say than that.

First of all, I learned to blow bubbles.  Before Ms. Lisa gets all impressed, you should watch this video.  Mama calls me a cheater, and I call me "efficient."

Did you see those bubbles?  No blowing involved.

Anyway, I'm really working hard on my bubble skills.  Sometimes, Mama gets a little crazy and says "No" to bubbles.

No clue why.

Then, I try to bust into the bubbles by myself.

That Mama.  Really no fun at all.

Anyway, I'm doing pretty well.  Today, my mama is taking me to take tests to see if I get to go to a special school next year.  She said she's scared because strangers will ask me to do things, and there was something about my favorite word in there, but then I stopped listening.

I hope they ask me to blow bubbles, because I am excellent.

Also, I hope they ask me about animal signs and noises.  I can say "duck quack" and "pig oink" and "cow mooo" and "dog woof" and "Patchy woof."

What, you don't know "Patchy woof?" Patches (that's the grown up name - I like Patchy) is Ms. Kelly's cat.  I know Patchy is a cat.  That's why Patchy says "woof."

Sometimes, Patchy seems frustrated with my barking, but I just try to speak cat language.

Anyway grown ups, I am getting very good at art, too.  And I'm working on walking, slowly.  I took my baby doll for a walk yesterday.

I also got a wand for doing "Bippity Boppity Boo," a.k.a. "Bip Boo!"  My mommy told you yesterday, but failed to include a photo.  My wand is pink.  And has a star.  And hits stuff.  It's amazing.

Have a great day, grown ups!

Love, Ellie

PS. Thanks to the magic of technology, this post will publish while I'm at my official toddler tests, so they can decide about my school.  I want a school with cookies.  I should probably tell the test people about cookies.

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  1. Ooh. I'd like a school with cookies too, Ellie. Love hearing your updates and hope you have fun at your tests.


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