Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Post.

Dear Blog Readers,

Ellie here.  I gave Mommy the day off for Mother's Day.

Did you know that I am the luckiest?

I have three grandmas.  And one actual aunt.  And like 48,789 (I can only count to three, so I'm guessing) other people who are called my "aunt" but are other relatives.  Or not related.  I'm not sure.

So even though this is technically Mother's Day, I am giving a lot of love.  More than just for Mama, but for all my other grandmas and aunts and fake aunts.  Also, grandmas and aunts and fake aunts never ever ever ask questions like "Why are you awake at 4 am?"  They just love and accept.  I hope Mama is taking notes on that.

Anyway, this post is for all my aunts and grandmas and other people who love me.

They all say I'm perfect.  My grammy even likes to call my mommy to tell her that the assessment people are wrong when I take tests.  I think Grammy should give the tests.

I get spoiled with clothes and toys.  Now that I am giant and can't even wear all my 9 month pants anymore, Mama tells everyone with a baby girl to borrow clothes from my old outfits. My grandmas and aunties keep me very fashionable.

On Mother's/Grandma's/Aunt's/Fake Aunt's Day, I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for being the bestest and most supportive family ever.  I'm glad that this year, no one had to support me with any surgery or anything.  This year, I just got support in causing trouble, and that's good, because I am excellent at causing trouble.

I love you all.  I know there's a lot of people I love that aren't in these pictures.  Blame Mommy.  I can't save photos yet.

Love, Ellie

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  1. Ellie you are perfect and so lovely. I really enjoyed seeing your photographs today!


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