Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday: Mommy-Daughter Date.

Yesterday morning, Matt and Ellie had a Daddy-Daughter pastry date while I finished the last long run before my upcoming marathon.  Since Matt had plans with a buddy Saturday night, I'd intended just to stay in with Ellie, making an easy dinner and getting a few things done around the house.

But instead, I decided to take my girl out on a Mommy-Daughter date.  We went out to eat at a local brewery that happens to have a good kids menu, and Ellie loved her giant pretzel and chicken fingers.  I ate a crab cake sandwich.  We sat outside on the patio and watched the doggies, the cars, and the busses.

After our meal, we walked to one of my favorite little shops and picked up some greeting cards, then Ellie accompanied me to a manicure.  Just a typical girls night out with my little girl.

Not a great picture, but the only one I got.  Girlfriend is a FOCUSED eater, and Mommy's camera is NOT allowed to get in her way!

At some point over the past few months, Ellie became a fun (albeit poorly behaved and messy) dinner companion.  She even tried to help me out by signing the credit card receipt when I paid last night.

I suppose it has to do with her growing up.  Sometimes, I realize how much Ellie has grown (emotionally, not physically - she can still wear some clothes from last summer) and I am surprised.

Thanks for a good evening, Ellie.

I hope you all are having a great weekend.  Do you do "dates" with your kids?  What do you usually do?

P.S.  Ellie just removed Matt's phone from the charger and appears to be trying to play Words with Friends.  I should stop her, but it's pretty funny, so I won't.  Sorry, Matt.  I'm pretty sure you just skipped your turn with me.
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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday evening, especially with such a cutie!

    Owen and I have a standing lunch date every Thursday. He has therapy in the late morning and then we hop over to a favorite lunch spot (Panera or Noodles and Co. usually). We've been taking him to restaurants since he was an infant, so he's pretty well behaved. It's been fun watching him learn and grown through those experiences.

  2. Right now, Hailey is the only one not in school so we have regular outings just the two of us. She likes any place that serves food :-)


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