Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Relative Strengths.

Since Ellie still receives Early Intervention services, every six months, we have a little review, and every year, we discuss goals for the upcoming year.

In order to discuss goals, present levels must be noted.

In order to note present levels, Ellie must be assessed.

I know this.  I teach Special Education.  I can write a PLOPs page, which, by the way, stands for Present Levels of Performance.  I could, in reality, write Ellie's PLOPs page.

Ellie's gross motor is behind.  Even Grandma can't deny it, although I'm certain she will try.

Ellie has some gaps in her self-care skills, largely related to gross motor.  It's difficult to safely walk down stairs without walking!

I was very pleased with Ellie's performance in fine motor, speech, and cognitive skills.  She has some gaps, but overall, the scores were far better than I expected when I learned about her Down syndrome.

And then, we have social/emotional.

Therapist: "Is she rigid in her behavior?"
Me: "Um, she gets a higher score for that?"

I am pleased to share that my toddler is scoring quite well in her social emotional skills.  I'm more pleased to share that she is a wonderful little human being, who I love dearly no matter what the numbers say.

Thirteen month level for gross motor?  Still the funniest kid I've ever met.

Speech is going well?  That's nice, now stop demanding burgers at 4:45 am.  (But I still love her.)

Can't make a circle with her crayon?  She still calls it "awt pwetty."  Even if the art is on something other than the paper, like a DVD case, ride on toy, mama's books, etc.

Greets familiar people by name?  She didn't use his name, but during the meeting, our neighbor walked up to his door.  Since we share a porch, Ellie could see and hear him.  She stood at the door and yelled "Hi!!!!!" and showed him the shoes she'd stolen from her case manager.  That melted my heart.  Absolutely melted my heart.

Ellie, we love you no matter what scores you receive.  That you for being wonderful.

And to close, a video of my sleepy little chatterbox.

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  1. Dear Megan, numbers in relation to children, especially my own children, always make me choke a little. Every report card, every parent teacher conference, heck, even doctor visits always send me into a little panic. I don't know why that happens, maybe it has to do with the math anxiety I experienced in school, especially seventh grade timed tests. Ellie is precious and wonderful and truly a gift to everyone who will ever know her.
    She makes me smile all the time. In a crazy mixed up world, that means something! Your loving nurture and care for Ellie inspires me and makes me grateful for all people, in all of our different stages of development. I know she will never be behind in "love" or "compassion" or "friendliness" or "joy". Those are the most important things a person can ever have.

  2. Heck, I'd call them strengths, not just relative strengths. And Ellie is certainly excelling in so many areas.

  3. She's so cute! I love the one-arm hug too. Kamdyn does the same thing. Kamdyn had her 3 year eval through the school system, and one of the things they "test" is following verbal directions with no physical cue. Like "Bring me the book." Without pointing at the book. Looks like Ellie already has that skill down.


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