Thursday, April 25, 2013


Ellie is learning to walk.

We are overjoyed.  I even took her out for celebratory frozen yogurt today, largely because I happen to like frozen yogurt a lot.  We were walking around the neighborhood with the wagon, I had my wallet, and I realized we were halfway to the yogurt shop.  Winner.

Plus, yogurt helped Ellie forget her nose-woes.  She had her first big outdoor face-plant today, as evidenced by a scraped up nose.

She loves walking outside, and she falls a lot.  She's a hilarious walker, stopping to applaud for herself.

Enjoy these out-of focus snapshots.

Standing up.

Looking confident.  And yes, her shoes are always untied.  We double-knot them at least 3872676 times a day.

About to crash in the grass.

"wun!  wun!"

Tomorrow is Friday.  Life is good.
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  1. Congratulations Ellie! We love to see your wonderful walking skills! Max has the same sneakers in the boy colors version. Everyone always likes to tell parents "oh watch out, wait until they start'll wish they didn't," but your mama and dada know different. What an awesome accomplishment for all of you! We are so happy that you are walking all around!! And every step is worth all the chasing in the world!! Congrats from your friends in NJ!

  2. Ellie, you are a superstar! Your walking skills are awesome! (also, incidentally, your speech is through-the-roof should come to my house and teach Jake all your awesome words! He would love it!...) Way to go!!


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