Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Post of Thanksgiving.

For all the new parents going through their first assessments, IFSPs, therapies, and early intervention services, I thought you should know that saying goodbye to therapists is way harder than realizing you need them.  The following is a note I sent to Ellie's physical therapist, who is moving away.

Dear Ms. Megan the Physical Therapist,

Thank you.

Two years ago, I was a brand new mama with a NICU baby with Down syndrome who was only a few weeks post-surgery.  You received a new weekly therapy assignment.

You not only taught my child how to roll over, how to sit up, how to crawl, how to climb stairs (urgh), but you taught me how to teach her.  You never once doubted Ellie, and you were the model of how I want people to treat my daughter.  You acknowledged her disability, you knew things would take her longer, but you absolutely maintained faith in her, even when she was a punk.

And she's a punk a lot.

I started crying when you left today, because I know that a lot of mamas are so scared when they start Early Intervention.  I am lucky that my professional background made me less scared than most, but I admit that I was nervous.  You not only set me at ease, you made our extended family feel better.

Prior to Ellie's heart surgery, your experience with other kids with Down syndrome and heart defects went beyond reassuring.  You had watched lots of babies go through open heart surgery, and you told us success stories.

We are very, very grateful for your love for our child, for your endless patience, and for your friendship.  As Matt and I watch my little darling with low muscle tone stand up in the middle of the floor and confidently take a few steps, I know we aren't the only proud ones.

We'll miss you!

Team Ellie
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  1. What a gift to have an amazing PT! Especially with EI, these regular visitors almost become part of the family.


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