Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WDSD: Fact, Fallacy, Photo(s).

My amazing blog friend Meriah is hosting a little link-up for World Down Syndrome Day.  WDSD occurs on March 21, aka "3/21," recognizing the three copies of the 21st chromosome that some individuals carry.

You know, individuals like Ellie.  Individuals with Down syndrome.

To celebrate, I am going to work.  And a staff meeting.

And I'm posting a little blog from Miss Ellie herself.

FACT: Toddlers with Down syndrome like Cheerios.  If they say "cer-" and you think that means "cereal of any variety," then you are very wrong.  In fact, toddlers with Down syndrome also like it if you know what we mean.  For example, if I say "eat!" I mean either Cheerios or goldfish crackers or curry or peaches.  I do not understand what is so difficult.

FACT: Toddlers with Down syndrome can pick out and put on their own socks.  Quit messing with my sense of fashion.  Also, shoes can go on hands.  And gloves can go on feet.  Learn to dress, adults.  Learn to dress.

FALLACY: Did you know that some people think kids with Down syndrome are always sweet angels?  Not true.  I can throw an awesome tantrum.  Other people think kids with Down syndrome have no personality and are like bumps on logs.  I am not a bump.

FALLACY: Some grown ups think that raising a kid with Down syndrome is extra challenging.  It's not.  Raising a kid is challenging, because kids are strong-willed people.  I get in about the same amount of trouble as my friends without Down syndrome.


Me.  I'm a good blogger. 

Me and my friend Charlotte.  She's giving a hug.  These pictures are from a mini-photo shoot my mama did for Charlotte.

Bonus FACT: My tongue is really, really long.  Like a frog.  Ribbit. 

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  1. I love that first picture--it is like she is plotting something!

  2. what IS IT with cheerios???!!! seriously?!!

    I love your little miss. It's such a gift to be watching her grow up. xoxox

  3. The cheerios thing cracked me up because Claire has always hated cereal. She'll happily pass out cheerios to her sister, but she won't touch them!

  4. That first picture is like: "mmmm... how could I get in trouble next..." LOL! You're too cute for your own good Miss Ellie!


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