Monday, March 4, 2013


Where did the time go?

Brand new Ellie.

One year old Ellie with CAKE!
And now, two year old Ellie.

After the servers sang "Feliz cumpleanos" and brought her ice cream.

Making important calls.

Loving dinner out for her birthday with Mommy and Daddy.  (It was really dark, hence the grainy photo.)

We love you, sweet girl.  Thanks for making us smile and laugh every single day.  We spent a lot of time crying during your first year, worried about surgeries and such.  In your second year, we've spent  more time rolling our eyes at another "uh oh!" as you throw food, rolling our eyes more at your demands to "Elmo put!" while handing Daddy the iPad, and we've joined in with your laughter when you help us sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider."  You are growing taller, reaching new items that were safely beyond your reach just a few weeks ago.

You are developing an independent streak to go alongside your sense of humor.  You love to unroll the toilet paper from the roll, laughing, as if daring me to stop you.  You take my hair ties and wear them as bracelets, proclaiming yourself "pwetty!"

When no one is looking, you sing the ABC song.  It goes something like "A B C D E E E E A B C O P P P" and you attempt to sign the letters as you say them.  It's a beautiful disaster and you stop often to applaud.

Ellie, Daddy and I are absolutely crazy about you, even when you make us crazy.  Thank you for being you, for bringing light and love and humor to us every single day.

I promise to take your two year old photos soon.  It's been cold outside and you don't like to smile for me when it's cold and windy!

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  1. "a beautiful disaster"- awesome! Happy birthday, sweet Ellie! Hope your celebration is as fabulous as you are!

  2. Happy 2nd birthday to your sweet Ellie!

  3. Dearest Ellie, You truly are our little bundle of joy, ray of sunshine, and everything else that is good and wonderful all rolled into one. Everything you do and are is you to pieces, G. Sally

  4. Happy 2nd birthday to Ellie! I LOVE the newborn pic:)
    She is so adorable, and I love following your blog. Man, time flies, hey? Jake will also be two in a couple of months, and I CANNOT believe how fast it has gone. Cherish it:)

  5. Happy Birthday Ellie. I hope your day is as special for you as you are to mommy and daddy.

  6. she is too cute. happy late birthday, ellie. I can't wait to meet you someday!

  7. Happy birthday, Ellie! It's a been a joy to watch you grow on this blog. Best wishes for another happy, fun year of life!


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