Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday Downsides.

Ya know what stinks about turning two?

When you are sick
When your mama doesn't feel so hot herself.
When you rally enough for your mama to go to work, only to have her turn around and come home a few hours later, because you're crying and inconsolable.

Two can be hard.

Ellie has been on and off under the weather.  Not sick enough to go to the doctor, just sick enough to be totally miserable.  Coughing, but not wheezing or rattling.  Lethargic, needy, and simply pitiful.

Several gifts are still unopened, as neither Ellie not I had the energy last night (and poor Matt was taking care of both of us.)

While the birthday celebration was awesome, the actual birthday and aftermath have been less awesome.

Thanks for all the birthday well-wishes.  We're hoping to be back to our normal blogging/working/playing schedule soon, unless this snowstorm (dubbed #Snowquester here in DC) materializes.
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