Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Video Time.

Ellie has some cute little habits, and one of my current favorites is her hug commentary.  Matt and I realized that when we hug our crying Ellie, we always say, "Oh, baby, it's okay."

And now, when Ellie hugs us, she says, "Oh, baby."

I tried to capture it on video, but no dice.  Instead, I have these two little gems for you.  Lots of signing and words, but no "Oh, baby!"

Just some mid-week Ellie love.  They say it might snow here tomorrow, but I'm still anticipating a full day of work an school, and not anticipating much by way of snowflakes.  I just asked Ellie (who knows all the weather signs) what she wants the weather to be.  She of course told me "no."

We'll keep you posted, and I'll try to capture "oh baby" and possibly some steps on video.

In a walking update, Ellie has expanded her list of acceptable walking locales from Barnes and Noble to include the public library.  Yet another good reason to keep filling our house with books!
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  1. Hailey loved the videos. She signed some of the animals along with Ellie, her favorite was the last video. She kept telling Ellie Hi and blew her kisses. Thanks for sharing!

  2. She is so cute. She is talking really well too.

  3. The cuteness! The little signing hands! I die. <3

  4. So freaking cute! I'm melting. And wow, she is speaking so well! Very impressed with that little rockstar!

  5. Cracking up at the Vlog fail... I just love her sweet little voice!! Fantastic, Ellie!!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday!


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