Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Growing Independence.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, considering this post, with this title, when Ellie had a total disaster moment attempting to walk, hold a graham cracker, and applaud herself.  She fell into a pile of crumbs.

Ellie is nearing two.

She's not exactly walking, unless you count a few steps here and there.  She's been cruising for ages (something like a year), and she can walk - even the guy who fit her orthodics on Monday agreed.

Yet she's becoming more independent.  She is a chatterbox, demanding cookies, cwa-ker (cracker), Mo-Mo (Elmo), and holding my phone up and taking fake photos while yelling "cheeeeeeese!"  She's also starting, just barely, to respond to directions.  Today, I asked Ellie if she'd like to draw.  She bear crawled through the house to her easel, pulled out a crayon she had stashed somewhere, and starting making art.

She reads books, not just the books we set before her but the books she wants.  She'll ask for her favorites.  Ellie, like any other toddler, is becoming a little girl of strong opinions.

And I'm surprised.

And I don't know why.

I have high expectations for Ellie.  I'm a special education teacher, come on, I know the value of high expectations.  She will read, add, subtract, contribute in her way.  She will participate with her peers and give and receive love.  She'll be an adult who shows compassion and kindness to others.

So why in the world am I shocked every time Ellie does anything that moderately impresses me?

I believe my daughter will gain independence, although I expect she'll need supports.  But why am I so surprised when she takes steps, both literal and figurative, toward asserting herself?

Meanwhile, she is carrying on a conversation with some toys, and I feel like I'm missing out on entertainment.  Happy Wednesday, and I hope you're staying warm!
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  1. Sometimes I have the same feelings, and is not that I have low expectations... why do I always get so surprised when Manolo does something new? Maybe in the middle of all the craziness I'm doing something right!


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