Friday, January 4, 2013

22 Months.

Ellie, as I write this, you are "reading" a "book" about a cow.  Reading is in quotes for obvious reasons (although you may think you can read), and book is in quotes because it's just the book cover of a book that has had removable pieces.

I cannot believe you are 22 months old, which is closer and closer to 24 months old, which is two whole years old!?  Your surgery scars have faded, you are talking more and more, and you are finally, finally making some big progress toward walking.

In typical Ellie fashion, however, you seem to have established rules for walking.
#1 - No one can watch.
#2 - You primarily walk in Barnes and Noble.  (Any of their locations is acceptable to you.)
#3 - You are most willing to walk for cookies, as you demonstrated today while I was at work, taking 15 steps toward your high chair and yelling "cookie."  You were rewarded with a cookie, and I was more than okay with that reward.
#4 - If you are to walk in the presence of a parent, you start with a bear crawl, and the parent must lift your arms up, at which point you sprint until you crash.

Here's hoping you get a bit better at that particular skill in the next two months!  You still primarily bear crawl, and I've had many friends and strangers say that you are the fastest crawler they've ever seen.  You put high school football players to shame.

As far as speech goes, you're starting to put together signs and words, usually with "more" or "please."  After months of Mommy shrugging and asking "More WHAT?" when you sign "more," you've begun to shrug your own shoulders when I ask.  Your speech is getting clearer, and you love to say "cookie," "cheese," "baby," "goggie" (doggie), "shoe," and "sock," although you replace the initial /s/ with /k/, which is somewhat awkward when you yell for your footwear.

You love to give kisses and hugs to Daddy, to Mommy, to your dolls, to your toys.  At a recent birthday party, you snagged the birthday boy's new stuffed dinosaur and gave that dino a big smooch.  You adore your books and ask to hear the same texts over and over.  (One that Mommy finds particularly annoying seems to have fallen behind the toy box.  Whoops.)  You draw at your easel.  You talk on your toy phone (or steal an unattended iPhone) and yell "Hello!  Hi!" at whoever you imagine is on the other end.  You make your babies and stuffed animals chat on the phone as well.

I promise to post photos soon!

Happy 22 Months, Ellie!


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  1. I can't believe she is almost two!!! And I literally LOL'd quite a few times. Oh, Ellie, you are such a ray of sunshine!

  2. Oh boy! You wait and see once she's walking she’ll be double the trouble! I can't wait to see all the mischief Miss Ellie will get into!!! LOL!

  3. How does time fly so quickly? I just can't believe it.


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