Friday, December 14, 2012



Not after four in the morning these days.

Walkin' her baby.

Ellie is happy as can be.  She has a bedtime routine.  She goes to bed at about the same time, but we've tried both earlier and later in hopes of getting her to sleep past four.

Total failure.

I wonder if Santa's list he has "Naughty," "Nice," and "Almost 2" as categories?

Sorry for the food face and out of focus picture.  Someone stole my headband.  She wore it until I stole it back to go run.

Such an early morning usually requires some sort of backup for Mommy, and I generally ask Elmo to assist.  Ellie loves Elmo.

As I write this (at 5:02 am), Ellie repeatedly climbs on top of the storage ottoman to get to Elmo.  She has snacked on some breakfast, attempted to steal my coffee, cheered for herself in her play kitchen, and tried to sneak a peek at her Christmas gifts.

We took Ellie to my school Winter Concert last night.  She was loud, but she liked cheering for the big kids.  We left halfway through when Ellie fell asleep.  We'll be celebrating some birthdays and Christmas all weekend long, and finish up the weekend with a special guest on Sunday afternoon!

Have a very merry weekend!

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  1. Aw, what a cutie! My niece loves Elmo too and my sister turns to him a lot :D

  2. Oh Ellie - you are so adorable that you can get away with it! Who wouldn't want to party with you at 4am?!


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