Sunday, December 9, 2012

Serious Joy.

Are you having a little trouble getting into the Christmas spirit?  Let Ellie help.

In line to meet Santa yesterday, Ellie escaped.  This is her smile after Daddy caught her.

How can you help but smile at that face?  

Okay, confession, I have trouble smiling at that face when the clock reads 4:43 am, but that cuteness helps with forgiveness.  This morning, I held Ellie in the rocking chair from 4:10 until 4:50 while begging her to sleep.  She said, "No.  Apple."  

I remember wondering if she'd ever talk.  Now, I'm amazed at her communication skills as I watch her attempt to pull down photos from a shelf.  I think she's grown a critical half-inch recently, allowing her to reach items she couldn't reach just last week.  (And by "reach," I mean "reach and throw on the ground.")

Our little Elf on the Shelf is doing nothing to keep Ellie's behavior in line, but he does keep us entertained.

Elf with blocks, Elf hanging from key hooks.

I hope you have a great week, and that those celebrating Hanukkah have a wonderful holiday.  Ellie is looking forward to more Christmas fun and more Christmas snacks. 


What are you looking forward to this week?

I have added a photo to the I Heart Faces Elf on The Shelf  Photo Challenge.

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  1. 4:30 is just so stinking early! I don't think I could be smiling at that time either! She is ADORABLE!


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