Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Vacation, by Ellie.

Dear Grown Ups,

Something amazing is happening lately.  Mommy is staying home from work and playing with me!  I guess the big kids all get to stay home right now and not learn or something, because normally Mommy leaves to teach the big kids.

She says this is called "Winter Break" and that soon, she'll go back to making sure big kids learn stuff.  Until then, she gets to play all day long.

Playing with me is a big job right now, so she drinks a lot more coffee compared to work days.  Here's what happened on winter break so far.  First, Grammy was here.  She brought me presents!  While she was here, we had a party, and I got to play with my friends.

Then, we had Christmas Eve and Christmas and we went to church and Santa came and we ate a lot and there were presents.  Santa got me toothbrushes and goldfish crackers and a bed for my babies and Legos with zoo animals.  Mommy and Daddy got me an easel.  I'd heard that's what I was getting, but Mommy would laugh and say "she has no clue what that means."  OK, so I didn't know, but no need to rub it in.  Turns out, an easel is for art.

See?  Pretty art!

I'm excellent at art.  I go "draw, draw, taste the crayon, draw, draw, taste."  Sometimes, I do marker art, too.

I've also been watching two new movies I got for Christmas.  I got one about "Treeschoolers" and one that is regular (not baby) Signing Time.  So far, I learned to sign lightning and thunder and say the words cookie and cracker.  "Cookie" is a very important word.  I also got fake cookies made of felt that I like to feed my parents.  I tell them "cookie" and feed them felt cookie.  Yummy!

I've been working hard on my walking.  Mommy says it's like watching grass grow.  I think that means I am awesome.  I stand at my easel and practice using my legs while I make my art.  I push my baby in her stroller, too.  I got a new baby from Grammy and some other animal friends, so they all ride in the stroller.

To make sure Mommy stays super busy with me at home, I am also working on my Noah's Ark shape sorter a lot.  And my puzzles.  Both have lots of pieces for Mommy to help me find.  And I've been reading books.  My favorite books right now are Frosty and one about a toucan who says "Caw, Caw" and one about a lion and a frog.  Today, Mommy "accidentally" dropped the lion book behind my toy box and winked at Daddy.

Middle of the day at the park!?

Anyway, I intend to enjoy the rest of my winter break.  I have been practicing saying "snow" and "rain" by signing them, and I heard we should get some snow tomorrow.  Or rain.  No one seems to know.  Either way, I will be practicing all my weather signs to be prepared.

Oh, and I heard that we start a whole new year next week.  I'm not sure what that is about, but I was told to make some resolutions.  Are you ready?

1. Mommy said I have to write "Learn to walk."  Borrrrring!
2. Empty every cabinet in our house at least seven times.
3. Eat more cookies.
4. Find a way to get a pet doggie.  (Parents said no.  I will figure it out anyway.)
5. Make Mommy and Daddy be better listeners when I say "no."

Grown ups, I hope you have a wonderful 2013.  I'm sure Mommy will be writing blog updates and stuff.  Let me know if you or your toddlers have any resolutions to share.

Your friend,

Ellie L.

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  1. Love your easel art, Ellie! Owen likes to draw on his easel too. His resolution for this year is to become potty trained. His mommy is hoping his resolution and her resolution (the same!) actually come true this year! Happy New Year!

  2. Precious!! Happy New Year, Ellie! I know you will keep all your resolutions for 2013!

  3. Best of luck with your 2013 resolutions Miss Ellie! Specially the one about the doggie... I think that's one of Manolo's resolution as well (not happening!)LOL!


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