Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bear Down Little Bear {Daddy's Guest Post}

Note from Megan:  Ellie is 21 months old today.  You'll be getting the "a month older" post tomorrow, because today we're mixing it up.  Daddy himself wrote his very first guest post.  While I was at a Ladies Tea on Sunday, Matt and Ellie were watching the Chicago Bears.

I’d like to start off by thanking my wonderful wife.  Meg is the brains of this parenting operation.  She is a responsible mother and an accomplished educator.  She does, however, exercise extremely poor judgment from time to time, like when she agreed to marry me, or agreed to let me write this blog post.  Depending on how this goes, this may be my only article on “My Stubborn Little Miss”, so I’d better make the most of it.  

Some would consider me a negligent parent if I didn’t teach my toddler about the intricacies of professional sports, so Ellie and I spent Sunday afternoon together watching my Chicago Bears lose a nail biter to the Seattle Seahawks at the local establishment.  I was under strict orders not to let her eat the pub food.  She took out her frustration on Da Bears.

We arrived just after kickoff in time for Ellie to see the Monsters of the Midway score their first touchdown.  Ellie and I had been practicing the fight song.  It brings tears to one’s eyes to see a 20 month old say (and sign) “Bear Down” while wearing a little pink Chicago Bears cheerleader outfit.  Papa Bear Halas would be proud.  

7-0 Bears.

Then she decided that would be a good time to take a little snooze.  Clearly Mr. Urlacher wasn’t feeling her love either because the defense couldn’t hold back Russell Wilson.  I hope you had a good nap Honey Bear, way to support your team.

Photo by Daddy.

10-7 Seahawks.

Luckily she woke up during the second half for a squeezie and peanut butter crackers, and the Bears scored 7 more points.  Patty Cake, First Down.  Tickle Tickle, Turnover.  I was loving our little daddy-daughter date.  And so were the Bears.

14-10 Bears.

Then she got antsy.  Odd that this coincided with the Seahawks driving for a touchdown with 24 seconds left in regulation time.  I should have taken the hint when she started signing “more more more” after the snacks ran out.  

17-14 Seahawks

Fortunately the Chica loves her daddy.  I must have been unconsciously Bear hugging her as we desperately prayed for a reprieve.  Jay Cutler threw a 56 yard bomb that put the Bears on the Seahawks’ 30, setting up Bobby Gould to kick the game into overtime.

Photo by Daddy.


I was overzealous.  Excessive celebration.  She was not amused.  Meltdown does not describe the furor of her displeasure.  We did not get to stay for the rest of the game.  A table of fans nearby called out “little Bears fan coming through” as I retreated sheepishly.

23-17.  Bears lose.  

Next time I’m bringing more crackers.

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  1. Disappointing ending to the game, wasn't it? Now I know to blame Ellie's daddy and his lack of snacks! :) One of the reasons I kept coming back to this blog in the beginning (aside from Ellie's beautiful smile) was the great picture of Ellie in her Bears gear. We are big Chicago Bears fans around here.

    Love your guest post! :)

  2. Matt,

    Loved hearing from you about da Bears experience or experiment. Sorry they lost.

  3. Hehehe, I'm not able to follow along with the football commentary (all I hear is "blah blah blah football, blah blah blah") because I'm just like that, but loved your guest post, Matt! I think Megan should definitely let you do that again. :-)


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