Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review.

Much like last year, I'm sharing my year in review.  Thanks to those who have followed along, and if you're new, here's what you missed!  The prompts came from this site, and it's so fun to compare this year to last and see how our lives have changed as Ellie has grown.

Me.  This year has been much better than 2011, as there were no major surgeries for my child!

I love you.  Yep.  Both of them. 
I'm still laughing.  (Or crying.  Because the freaking squirrels eat our pumpkins.)

Winter wonderland.  Not a lot of snow for us this year, but this is the Botanical Gardens at Christmas.

Birthday.  The big ONE.  And lots of blue frosting!

Friends.  We celebrated my friend Christina's birthday with my first out of town trip sans Ellie!
I was inspired.  The NDSC Convention was wonderful to learn about how Ellie learns, and featured some entertainment with friends as well.

Spring fever.  Nothing like the cherry blossoms in DC.  This photo is on our dining room wall.

Vacation: NYC.

Vacation: California.

Vacation: Williamsburg.

Summer days.  At the pool.

A day in my life.  Love this smile.

All smiles.  One of my favorite smiles this year.

Autumn harvest.  Apple-apple-apple!

Family.  My little family.

Celebrate!  We celebrated Mike and Anna's wedding this year.

Let's do it again.  We had a great time at Sea World!

I miss you.  Can't all our siblings live closer?  
Beautiful.  Ellie and Great-Great-Aunt Kitty.

Dress up.  Happy Halloween from our Gnome!

Macro.  From a hike this fall.

Holidays.  Escaping Santa.

My favorite.  Not a great shot, but so funny.  Asleep on the 200 meter walk home from the pool.
Don't ever change.  The sweet relationship with these two.
Just because.  Love this face.
Hopes and dreams.  A happy, fun, healthy, loving 2013.  And maybe the Cubs even do OK for Matt and Ellie?

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  1. Love how you share your life and family with - Ellie's Gr. Aunt Carol

  2. Great pictures and great memories! Happy New Year!

  3. Aww I love this! Such great pictures. Ellie is adorable!!! Happy New Year to you and your family :)

  4. She is such a doll...and I love all of your choices. Wishing y'all a very happy 2013!

  5. What a sweetie, looks like you had a great year!

  6. These are such sweet images! :) Wishing you a wonderful 2013!

  7. Absolutely beautiful photos of your memories of 2012. Happy 2013!

  8. such great shots, I love the spring fever and all smiles shots!

  9. I love all the pics but the birthday one has to be my favorite :-) What type of lens do you typically use?


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