Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful for Talking.

As I've mentioned quite a few times recently, Ellie seems to have experienced a major change of heart.  The child who once loved all things gross motor is now a little chatterbox, but not a walker.

Granted, she usually won't talk around new people.  In fact, her caretaker in the toddler room at church said something about Ellie not talking, which surprised me somewhat, but I'm sure in a couple weeks that same caretaker will be amazed at Ellie's non-stop monologue.

Ellie's current favorite words are:

On the signing front, she's loving:

She's also been saying something that sounds like "Gobble gobble," I assume in anticipation of Thanksgiving.

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  1. We are getting a lot more chatter and a refusal for all activities that require her to let go and walk! I'm frustrated about the walking, but loving the talking! Yay, Ellie!!!

  2. I've heard the talking over gross motor is a girl thing! Waverly didn't walk until her 15th month but has always talked more. She's like Ellie though and doesn't want to talk for strangers, either! I was shocked one week after picking her up from nursery that they had never heard a word from her but crying, which almost made me cry. Thankfully, that's better now that she's older. Loooove the light in her eyes in this shot! :)

  3. Gobble. Gobble!
    She is seriously the cutest little girl in America.
    Have I told you lately that I love her?
    I do. I do. I do!

  4. Fantastic, Ellie!! Samantha was the same way, seemed to be so strong on the pre-walking front, then took off with her speech and language, then stopped that when she was finally ready to actually walk, then took off with speech again.

  5. Sweet! Today Levi wanted on my lap, pointed upwards, and said, "Up! Up!" So exciting!

  6. What a beautiful face!! Good luck with the challenge!!!

  7. This gives me goosebumpes..... God Bless


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