Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for a Great Many Things.

Before I share the things for which I'm thankful this year, I have to tell you all something.

This Thanksgiving, I'm a real grown-up.

I shared that with a friend recently.  She pointed out that I have a child.  But having a child and cooking Thanksgiving dinner are two very different things.

Yep, Matt and I are making Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  Our menu was largely found on Pinterest, and will include...

Gravy (from Williams-Sonoma, because I've never had success with gravy.)
Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes (Maybe these?  Maybe something slightly healthier?)
Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread
Stuffing (More Williams-Sonoma.)
Some kind of veggie (I'm open to suggestions here!)
Corn (Matt's mom's recipe, I might pretend to be a food blogger and post the recipe soon.)
Apple Pie (I made this apple pie after apple picking, thanks to my friend Jessica who sent the recipe.  Huge winner.  You should make it right now.)
Cinnamon Ice Cream

Although I'll miss being with my fun extended family, the recent trip out of town to the wedding made staying home for Thanksgiving seem like a great idea.  We'll host some friends, we'll bust out the china, and I'll decorate for Christmas.

I might even let Matt and Ellie help with the Christmas decor.  Might.

Moving on.

The Thankful List, 2012:

1. A child who never fails to make me laugh, even in the midst of naughty behavior.  Just this week, I noticed she had a pen.  "Ellie, give mama the pen."  "No no no no no," a big smile, and she was off into the fastest bear crawl ever.

2. A husband who is totally and completely awesome.  Wednesday will mark three years of marriage.  Yay!

3. Coffee.  It makes the list every year, but I love when I can quietly drink a cup of coffee in the morning.  Love love love.

4. Good friends, including amazing neighbors, local friends I've known for many years now, my friends who live far away, and the new friends I've made in the past few years in the Down syndrome community.  My world has truly expanded since Ellie entered the scene.

5. Our extended family.  I am grateful that they are all immensely proud of Ellie, no matter what.

6. Christmas decorations.  I love a season full of celebration, although looking at my December calendar, we have more birthday parties than Christmas parties.  I'm okay with it, because celebrations are important.

7. Good books.

8. We finally started attending a church in our neighborhood, 2.5 years after moving here.  I'm thankful that we've been welcomed well.

9. My camera.

10. Finally, I am thankful that, by the grace of God, 2012 has featured only one minor surgery and no hospital stays for Miss Ellie.  She still sees far more specialists than other kids, we've forced her back into her pink spandex to help with walking, she gets therapy twice a week, but her life is good and full and she is here and healthy.

What are you thankful for this year?  What is good in your life right now?

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  1. The boys and my husband want apple pie for Thanksgiving so I grabbed a recipe off of the internet, but since this one has a personal recommendation I might try this one. We aren't traveling this year either. I'm thankful for a family that is healthy and a roof over our heads. So many families have been hit by tragedy this year.

  2. That how did I get to be a grown up feeling may continue to sneak up on you. I still look around and wonder. Really, I have so much to be thankful for and people who "get it" are at the top of the list. We're not specifically in the Down Syndrome community, just disability in general, but they're my people.

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving and thanks for sharing.


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