Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful for Down Syndrome Pregnancy.

I spent seven months of my pregnancy aware that I was carrying a little girl with Down syndrome.

Seven months is a long time between diagnosis and delivery, and fortunately for me, a new website launched shortly after receiving "the call."  Down Syndrome Pregnancy provides amazing, up-to-date information and support for parents waiting, waiting, waiting to meet their little one.

Stephanie Meredith, an amazing voice in the Down syndrome community, worked with a team to create the booklet "Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis."  The booklet is reviewed by medical professionals and is an unbiased and real look at Down syndrome.

I'll be sharing a copy with my doctors next time I'm there.  In fact, I might make a special trip just to drop off the booklet, because I'm sure they'd distribute the information - they were wonderful when we received our diagnosis.

Thank you Stephanie, Nancy, Kelle,  Missy, Heather, Amy, Sarah, and Lisa, and everyone else involved with the DSP/Lettercase projects.  I reaped the benefits of your hard work, but I can't even imagine the help all of these new resources will provide for new parents.
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  1. Coincidentally I am going in for my annual this week. I happen to have a copy of this booklet as well that I can share with the office. I am a big believer in the more you know the more you know!


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