Sunday, November 18, 2012

NOT Thankful for Turkeys.

Dear Grown Ups,

I'm sure you know that Thanksgiving is coming up.  On Thanksgiving, we say why we are thankful and we eat turkey.  I'm a better eater than last year, so this Thanksgiving will be even more yummy.

I have a long list of things that make me feel thankful.  Elmo, my mommy and daddy, string cheese, my friends, all the people who supported the Buddy Walk, people who don't close baby gates, my toy babies, pretzels, the "Glee Holiday" station on Pandora, and my toothbrush, just to name a few.

But last night, I was not thankful at all.

My mommy got me all cute in pigtails and my turkey shirt.  She said we were going to something called "Turkey Bowl," but that I wasn't allowed to bowl yet.  She told me that people were giving food and money and that it would feed people who need food.  She said the grown ups would bowl and win prizes and laugh.  She said I would be a greeter.

Things started off great.  My mommy's friends all gave me hugs and told me that I'm cute.  I greeted people with waves.  A lot of them had hats, so I told them all, "hat!"  Then, some of them started talking about when the turkey would arrive.  I thought they meant that I would get to eat turkey.  I'm very good at eating turkey.

One of mommy's friends left.  That was sad, because she was a nice lady.  She never came back.

Instead, a giant turkey arrived.  And that turkey gave me Mommy and me a hug.

People wanted my picture with the turkey, including my mommy, who was not protecting me, but had the nerve to laugh when she thought I wasn't looking.  My mommy even handed Christina her phone to take a picture!

If you instagram, there's lots of cute pictures of me when you follow @meganlando.

Don't worry, though.  I got my revenge by waking Mommy up at 3:30.

I'm thankful that Mommy's friends try to help people who need food.  That is good.  I think they should feed the people that giant turkey.

Love, Ellie
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  1. Sooooooooooooooo cute!! I love that you blogged from Ellie's point of view. :) God bless your sweet little girl.


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