Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Spirit.

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?

Like me, my cousin Danielle loves Christmas music, so when Ellie was dancing to Mariah Carey the other day, I told Danielle.

Danielle responded by sending Ellie an iTunes gift of Whitney Houston's Christmas album.  Ellie is already a fan, and we've been rocking out around here.

In honor of Christmas, along with our Elf and Ellie's felt tree, Matt suggested a reindeer with a re-stickable-nose, both for Ellie and for the kids at our upcoming Christmas party.  Ellie is enjoying these felt projects.

The Christmas lights are on.  Ellie had a great day at speech therapy, and we're back in the normal routine at work for four weeks before Christmas break.  Weekends will be full of parties, but we're also trying to build in some quiet time to reflect.  (Speaking of some quiet time, we want an advent wreath, but I have no desire to go into Michael's to purchase supplies.  Anyone know where I can buy one online?)

The still-unnamed Elf took Mo the camel for a walk and fed him pie.

I know, December is still a few days away.  But I love this special time of year, and I intend to soak it all up, even with a few Thanksgiving leftovers still in our fridge.

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  1. So for some reason the numerous times I have tried to comment are not working! Anyway the important thing is that Ellie loves Christmas music as much as we do. :) Love you all!


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