Saturday, October 20, 2012

{31 for 21} Seeing the Wheels Turn.

This post is being composed on Friday night (I know, I need to get a life) and will show up Saturday morning.  Also on Saturday is the Buddy Walk, and as of Friday night, Team Ellie raised $1010 for our local Down syndrome group.  You can give through the end of 2012 right here.

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At a recent appointment, Ellie's cognitive development was quoted as "around a 15 month" level, which I think is pretty good for a child with cognitive delays.

As Ellie gets older, I love watching the wheels in her head turn as she processes information and problem solves.  I wrote them down not so much to share with you all (although I hope you enjoy) but so that I remember.

I handed Ellie her Elmo phone.  First, she pretended to talk.  Next, the stuffed octopus got an important call, but Ellie only shared the phone with the octopus for a second.  Then, because the phone is shaped like Elmo, she decided Elmo needed a hat.  She's really uncertain if it's an Elmo toy or a phone toy.  She alternated between dressing him and chatting on the phone.


After watching the Baby Signing Time episode with various weather words, rain began to fall.  After a minute, Ellie got excited and signed "rain."  I think she signs more than I know, I just can't distinguish all the signs yet.


Ellie loves her See and Learn cards.  She pulled out the card for "sleeping" and dove repeatedly onto the floor, pretending to "sleep."  She then sat up and looked amazingly proud.


On a semi-related phone note, Ellie took my iPhone and changed the location of all the apps, and deleted Open Table.  I knew one was missing, but I couldn't figure out what had been deleted until I needed to make a reservation.


When Ellie frustrates me, I want to be able to read these moments and smile.

What moments do you remember when you need a mental break?
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