Saturday, October 6, 2012

{31 for 21} Physical Therapy Month, by Ellie.

This is a post to Ms. Megan, but first, I have to say "Happy Physical Therapy Month" to Aunt Danielle.

Now Ms. Megan.

Blog readers, I have known Ms. Megan forever.  She is my very own physical therapist.  She is also sometimes my friend.  Every week since I was six weeks old (except when Megan left to have her own baby) Ms. Megan has visited my house.

Every week, I am so happy when my Ms. Megan arrives.

Toy Ms. Megan brought over one time.

And then, she tortures me.

Ms. Megan's job is horrible.  Instead of playing with me, she makes me do things that are awful.  When I was very very very little, she made me hold my head up.  Then she made me roll.  And sit.  Ms. Megan even came over after I had heart surgery.  That was when I worked on sitting up.  Now she makes me try to walk and stand and do squats.  My mommy won't even do squats, but she lets Ms. Megan make me, a sweet little 19 month old child, do squats.

Ms. Megan is very nice, except for the torturing.  That's why I greet her with a smile every week, but the torturing has got to end.

Ms. Megan, I love you very much, and I think you should just come hang out with me with no torture.  Your "games" all seem to work on gross motor skills.  I think you are sneaky.  Quit being sneaky.  Come play real games, like "feed Ellie Cheerios" or bring your baby over for me to hug.

Also, Ms. Megan, my mommy lies about you.  She says, "Ms. Megan is coming to play!"  That is why I am so happy about Ms. Megan.  And then, Ms. Megan does not come to play.  Baby torture isn't playtime.

Ms. Megan, I have some physical therapy tips for you.

Ms. Megan made me wear 80s spandex.

I quit.

1) Walking is overrated.  If you are a very fast bear crawler and can pull up, walking is totally not needed.  Also, it helps if you can point to things and make your friends bring them.  That is what I do.  Maybe, just maybe, that could be a physical therapy lesson?

2) Physical therapy should include more tips on getting past baby gates.  That would be very useful, way more useful than squats.

3) Do not leave "toys" here.  I know that sometimes you leave me things that you call "toys," that are really just baby torture devices.  Good toys are Elmo, baby, and kitchens.  Your toys are things to work on core strength and squats.

4) Someday, can you pretty please come over just to play?  That would be nice.

Ms. Megan, someday, I will thank you.  But not today.

Love, Ellie

PS from Ellie's Mommy: I did warn Ms. Megan that Ellie would write this post.  We all (even Ellie) are so grateful to be in a jurisdiction that offers excellent services for young children with disabilities, and we feel like we hit the jackpot when they assigned Megan as our PT.
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  1. Ellie, my Teagan feels the same way! She usually likes physical therapy but this week she was in no mood to play. Or try to get down from sitting. Or try to get up to sitting position. She has three older sisters (her minions) that she has already trained. Why does she need to do anything! But then yesterday she got down from sitting without baking her face in the floor or just falling backwards. And you better believe she was looking around to see if anyone noticed. She really likes the Yea Teagans she gets. And the clapping. :) And I don't blame you about the squats. Squates are for the birds! Even if they do work.

  2. LOVE this! I think Addie feels the same way about crawling as Ellie feels about walking - SO UNNECESSARY! She can ROLL everywhere she needs to get, silly mama's!


  3. Hehehehe!! Yep, there's definitely a love/hate relationship between our kids and their therapists. :-)


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