Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{31 for 21} Meet Becca.

Today's {31 for 21} entry is another episode in the "Faith and Down Syndrome" series.  As I mentioned previously, I will be making an effort to share thoughts not only from Christian friends, but also from friends of different faiths.  Today, you get to hear from Becca.  You'll note that she says that due to being agnostic, she isn't the best person to ask, but that's exactly why I asked her to share.

Becca's sweet Sammi is in first grade, and was one of the earlier kids with Down syndrome that we met.  She loves Ellie.  You can follow Sammi's adventures at Becca's blog.  One thing I appreciate about Becca is her honesty in her dealings with both the joy and the challenges Sammi's extra chromosome brings.... the same kinds of joy and challenges that come with any child.

Thanks for sharing, Becca.  

1) What is your faith background (pre child with DS?) - Raised Jewish, went to a Christian school run by fundamentalist Christian missionaries when I was a teenager living on Okinawa, and subsequently became agnostic.
2) How was your faith impacted by your child's diagnosis?  Not at all.   How did your faith impact how you viewed the diagnosis?  I don't know that it did, really, but I didn't see us as being special or as receiving a special gift from God because we could handle it or anything like that, that I hear so often in the disability communities.  We had a baby, we loved the baby, we learned new things.  Faith never entered into the picture.
3) Has your faith shaped the way you see your child with DS?  None at all.  How is it impacting the way your raise your child?  I have always been raised to make my own decisions regarding faith, and I actually echo my parents in so many ways.  We expect that Samantha can also make her own faith decisions, and acknowledge that she, too, may echo her own parents in that.  We want her to have a full appreciation for faith/religion, but to know that what she needs most she can find within herself.
4) If you're part of a faith community, how have they embraced your child?  NA
5) Anything else you want to add?  I am probably not a great person to answer any of these questions, just because my status is so neither-here-nor-there on this topic, and not having a particular faith doesn't actually change the way I view things, or the way I deal with things, or the way I raise my child.  

Now that you know Becca a little bit, go ask a question in her Q and A!
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  1. Okay, how much of a loser am I that I totally didn't even see this? Sorry! And thank you for the profile! :-)


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