Friday, October 19, 2012

{31 for 21} Failure.

Before you let the title of this post convince you that I'm about to talk about something serious, I want to dash those hopes.

This is about a pumpkin.

And a toddler.

And that combo was trouble.

Last week, Ellie's Kelly was in town.  She came over, and I had the great idea to have Ellie paint a pumpkin.  And by pumpkin, I mean t-shirt.  And by paint, I mean cry.

Phone photos, because Ellie + paint + expensive camera seemed like a bad, bad idea.

Why the torture?

I'll paint my shirt instead.


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  1. Too funny! Glad you clarified your meanings!

  2. These are so funny and the ones we remember more than the happy smiley pix!


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