Monday, October 15, 2012

{31 for 21} Best Friends and Photos.

This post contains no cute photos of kids with Down syndrome.  To make it up to you, I included a cute kid without Down syndrome who joined us for our girls weekend.

During October, I blog a lot about Down syndrome.  When you're in the midst of "Down Syndrome Awareness Month," Down syndrome makes a good blog topic.

I've been blessed with some pretty amazing friends in the Down syndrome community.  But the great blessing is something a friend noted after Ellie's birthday party.

Our world got bigger.

One fear I experienced when facing Ellie's diagnosis was that my world would shrink.  My world didn't shrink, rather, I added new friends.  I met women who have kids with Down syndrome, who understand this journey in unique ways.

As for three of the amazing women who have been part of my life for the last seven years and more.... we just escaped to Cape May for a girls weekend to celebrate our good friend Christina's birthday.

Photo taken with on the camera's timer setting with the camera balanced on the stroller.  There were lots of outtakes

We're on a carriage!  And baby Davis doesn't care.


The houses in Cape May have the coolest gingerbread designs.

I first planned this post as a note to new moms; I wanted to tell you that you will still have friends, and a life.  That fact remains true.

But also, I need to send a huge "Thanks!" to the friends who remained wonderful when we told them, "We're having a baby.  She has Down syndrome."

They prayed for us, but never tried to pray away Down syndrome.  They brought food when Ellie was in the hospital.  They sat beside us in the NICU.  They let us laugh and cry and offered encouragement.  They love Ellie for who she is.  They don't pretend she is perfect, nor do they only see her delays.

Note to all the Grandmas: Just kidding.  We know Ellie is perfect, okay? Especially directed to Grandma Sally, who will probably call just to remind me that Ellie is perfect.  I love you, Mom!

In short, our friends treat Ellie just like you'd want any child to be treated, and their kids are learning the same things.  When they have questions about Down syndrome, they ask.  They continue to be part of our community.  They continue to reach out, to love us, and to laugh with us.

Another house?  Another historical fact?  Are you kidding, Mom?

So, thanks, dear friends.  And thanks, Matt, for being Superdad this weekend so I could hang out with my best buddies.

Edited 10/16/12 - Did anyone else notice I screwed up on the collage?  I doubled up one photo, and forgot to add this one:

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  1. Loved the houses in Cape May and the Lobster House! The only two things I miss about Jersey :-) Glad you had fun!


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