Saturday, September 15, 2012

You Are Invited... Buddy Walk 2012.

There will be bounce houses.  Last year there were pony rides.  Both will be featured again this year, along with a location that's much better for us!

Corky, from Life Goes On.  Remember him?  He'll be there.  He has a band now.

And my family will be there too, walking (the walk part is short) and celebrating (the celebrating part is long) with other families who have kids with Down syndrome.

Yes, we're going because we raise money and we advocate for Ellie, her friends with Down syndrome, and all people with disabilities.  Yes, we're walking because we care about Ellie.

We're also going to the Buddy Walk because we know Ellie will have a blast.  Because we will have a good time laughing with our girl.  Because all kids, no matter how many chromosomes, like bounce houses, right?

(And if they don't, there's plenty of other fun.)

You are invited to join us.

Come on out and walk.  And bounce house.  And meet Corky  Chris Burke.  Sign up here.  We're "Team Ellie."  And we've fallen from top fundraisers, so if you join our efforts, I'm sure we'll be back on top soon!

Yes, I'm competitive.  

If you're unable to join us, but still want to further the mission of our local Down syndrome group, you can donate here.

The local Down syndrome group is a great resource for parents.  When I first received the call informing me that Ellie has Down syndrome, I called our local group and received a call back within hours.  Our local group has provided connections for activities like playgroups, and introduced me to some pretty cool people.  Ellie has a Down syndrome playgroup AND a typical playgroup, which I think is important.  I like having a foot in each world.

Additionally, the group offers parent resources like seminars on IEPs, which are the education plans for students in special education.  While I have never attended such a seminar (writing IEPs is part of my job, so I'm pretty comfortable with IEP meetings already) I think this service is immensely valuable for parents who are coming into the world of special education without any prior knowledge.

Join our team.

For Ellie.

Last year.  Isn't she so tiny in this picture!

See you at the Buddy Walk!

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