Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little J.

I'm grateful for the "what ifs" Ellie has avoided.

Today, that hit a new level, as we experienced a parenting rite of passage.

On our dishwasher, we have had magnetic letters.  Since I'm a teacher, we have them in both upper and lowercase, and I ordered the the lowercase set from a school site so that the font is correct.  (You can laugh at me, it's OK.)  The magnets help motivate Ellie to stand at a flat surface, and they help her learn the letters.  Currently, all letters are called "O," or sometimes "E," but I'm confident that some other letter names will show up in her vocabulary soon.

Today when I got home from work, I learned that Ellie had a piece of green plastic in her diaper.  She pooped the lowercase J.  

That means at some point, Ellie ate the lowercase J.

No one knew she ate the J.  The kitchen is gated, and Ellie is never there alone.  She's fast though, and the letters will be under closer watch from now on.  A call to her pediatrician's office yielded more laughter than concern, which provided relief for her parents.

Our child underwent major, frightening surgery when she was just one day old to repair her GI system.

She's now using that GI system to eat plastic letters.

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  1. We found out that Kamdyn ate a penny the same way. Haha. What if we could all randomly poop money or lower case j's. Lol

  2. Oh Ellie! Glad there's no emergency, but I'd have made a call to the doctor too!

  3. Silly little mite :) I suppose if she had to eat a letter j or i would be the best ways to go!


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