Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm 18 Months Old, and I'm on a Train!

Hi Blog-reader-grownups.

It's Ellie.  Today, I am 18 months old and my mommy is a slacker.  She's trying to run and get ready for work and she is making me write my own "I'm a month older post" again.

I will forgive Mommy for her slackerness, because yesterday, I think she and Daddy wanted to celebrate my being one and a half years old, and it was awesome.

Here is what happened.

First, they dressed me in my shirt that says "Chicago Cubs."  They kept saying "baseball" and I was signing ball a lot.  Then, they told me that a "Cub" is a baby bear, so I did a lot of baby and bear signing, too.

I don't know why they were so excited about bears and baseball, because they left out the best part when they were telling me about the day.  We drove to the parking lot and they put me in the Bjorn.  I tried to say, "Stroller, people, stroller!" but they said something about stadiums and steps and "no."  But at least the Bjorn makes me tall.  And then we went through gates and on an escalator and we got on a train!  Mama and Dada said train and I signed train the entire ride to the baseball place.  Train train train train train!

We took a break from train riding to walk around and sit in high seats.  I ate a pretzel for lunch, with fake cheese and mustard.  I think we should eat more food like that, but Mommy said no.  While we ate our lunch and took our break, people played baseball.  When we got there, our team was losing.  I thought our team would be the Nats, like everyone else, but Daddy was very clear that our team is the Cubs.  I took that message to heart.

Why can't they get a run??

Since everyone else liked the Nats, everyone else cheered at the wrong times.  I did not appreciate that attitude.  The Cubs would do something bad, and everyone would say "Whoohoo!" and hurt my ears and my soul.  I'd cry, and my parents would say, "It's okay, Ellie, I want to cry, too," but mostly they laughed at me.  But they gave me giant pretzel.  And finally, when all the losing was too much, I took a nap with my Daddy until train time again.

At train time, there were lots and lots of babies!  And some kind people wearing Cubs shirts who said that I am cute.  Did I mention that I love the train?  I signed more train and baby signs.

After the train, I was hungry and grumpy, so we went to Chili's where I drowned my sorrows in spicy guacamole.  My parents were silly and mean and tried to make me stop eating spicy guacamole when my eyes started watering from the heat.  But then my rice and my chicken arrived so I ate those.  And Mommy's cheese.

And that's what it's like to be 18 months old.  Guacamole and baseball.

Have a great first day of school, everyone!

PS. Mommy didn't bring the camera because it was maybe going to rain and because carrying me and my diaper bag is a big job for her and Daddy.  She apologizes for phone photos.

PS#2. Mommy also says to check yesterday's post to see if you are a big winner!
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  1. Ellie, it makes me so happy that you are a Chicago fan! I think one of the main reasons I visit your blog so often is the great picture of you in a Chicago Bears cheerleader outfit. It brings back fun memories. No, I was not a cheerleader, but I do love the Chicago Bears. The Cubs are OK, too, if you're a baseball fan. :) I love that you got to ride the train and eat guacamole. Two more of my favorite things!


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