Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apple Picking, Part 1.

It's Sunday evening.  Ellie woke us up at 4:30 this morning, still snotty and trying to shake a cold.  Eventually we all got out of bed, I went running, and when I came home, we drove to a farm just 45 minutes away to go apple picking.

The last time we went, we visited a different farm.  I was pregnant.  We knew about Ellie's Down syndrome.  We knew about her heart.  The double bubble hadn't been diagnosed yet.

Today, our little girl had a blast.  Here's just a glimpse of the photos.  I promise, Matt and I are both in some of the pictures, I just haven't gotten to those yet.


Ellie carried this tiny apple around all day.

Fall Foto Fest?  NY family, tell me what you think!

Vulture.  Matt really wanted Ellie to notice and sign "bird."  Ellie preferred her mini-apple.

Have a great week ahead.
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  1. Which farm did you go to? I want to take Sammi apple picking next weekend.

  2. You just reminded me that I wanted to can apple sauce, so we need to go apple picking too. Beautiful pictures, gorgeous Ellie.


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