Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Weekend Full of Celebrations.

We celebrated Ellie's Heart Day at the zoo again last weekend.  Our local children's hospital hosts a picnic each year for the heart patients.  Last year, Ellie was still recovering and unable to attend, but this year featured near-perfect weather and happened to coincide nicely with the zoo's new additions of sea lions, wolves, and river otters.

We teamed up with some friends and the kids had a blast.  One feature of the new "American Trail" section is a "tide pool" area with "waves" and water.  The kids can splash around, and of course Ellie went butt-in the moment we arrived.  (She got a little grumpy about the water after that, but it seemed to be teeth related, so we solved that problem.)

The picnic was great, and Ellie chowed down on a chocolate chip cookie, covering her face/hands/clothing/mother in chocolate.

On Sunday, we celebrated with another friend who turned one.  The photos are a bit grainy, but too cute not to share.  With my return to work I've hardly pulled out my camera, and that's something I intend to change soon.

Tasting his cupcake.

Lucky birthday boy got "Barnyard Dance!"

Big brother.


I hope you are in the midst of a great week.
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  1. So fun that the hospital does a heart patient day!! CHOP, where Sammi's surgery was, does something like that, too, but Philly's just too far to go. Hmmm...maybe it isn't...
    Happy Heart Day again to Ellie! We have Sammi's coming up in a couple of weeks. :-)


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