Thursday, August 16, 2012

Talkin' and Walkin'.

Those two goals, Talking and Walking, seem to be the focus of almost every parent who has a young child with Down syndrome.  When will they talk?  When will they walk?

Sometimes, seeing younger kids say more, walk more, and be able to play in other ways is hard.  I want Ellie to be able to fully explore her world.

Then, there are weeks like this.  I resume work on Monday, which means this is the last week of summer for us.  We've gone to the park, played with the water table, played with bubbles, made books, made cookies, made muffins, frozen dinners for future weeknights, made "moon sand," visited the bookstore, and still participated in physical therapy and survived an eye doctor appointment.  (No glasses.  Eye drops.  Big tantrum.)  We've played with magnets on the dishwasher and drawn with chalk on the front sidewalk.

Ellie enjoyed the bubbles.  She'll tell you.

And that walking thing?  Let's just call it a work in progress.

Are your kids back in school?  Do you wish they were?  I can't believe that next September, Ellie will be starting school herself!  I can't picture her on a bus in just a year, but there she'll be, attending school like a big kid.
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  1. No. My kids aren't in school and I don't want them to go back. Summer is too magic. It could stay here forever for all I care ; )

    I love that you have had such a lovely time with your sweetie this summer!

    1. Your instagram has made me want to BE one of your kids this summer! They'll remember it forever!

  2. Wow, GREAT word, Ellie!!!! Perfect! And I never thought I'd get so much joy out of seeing a video of a kid fall on her face - awesome, awesome walking attempt!! Before you know it...

  3. Wow that was great. And bubble that is a wonderful word. Is she saying other words???? Who is watching Ellie when you go back to teaching??

  4. yup my daughter is back in school. granted its preschool but its in a elementary school and ran like regular school


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