Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Leave No Duck Behind.

Ellie loves ducks.

When she was brand new, she loved her blue duck toy that hung from the baby carrier.

The "Elmo's Ducks" YouTube video allows me to (occasionally) put Ellie's hair in pigtails.

Ellie loves to say "duck," sign "duck," read Sandra Boynton books about ducks, and splash around with her rubber duckies in the bathtub.

Yesterday, I brought Ellie in the bathroom with me while I got ready.  She stood at the edge of the empty tub and reached for one of her duckies.

"Oh, Ellie, don't go in.  Just ask."

She signed "duck," and with a little prompting, added "please."  I handed her the duck.

I turned back to the mirror as she played with her ducky, and he fell into the tub.  Ellie was concerned for her duck's safety and well-being.

So she crawled into the bathtub.  The tub comes up to her armpits, so I'm not entirely sure how she got in.

She didn't like the landing very much, so I was forced to go in after both the baby and the duck.

If you have a duck in need of rescue, Ellie's your girl.

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  1. "When Ellie was brand new..." LOL!!
    She's a resourceful one. And a climber. Get ready...

  2. Ok. I said AWWW twice. And I laughed too, since I have been singing Elmo's Duck song for the last 3 days for no reason. I have so been wanting to pull it up on Youtube!


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