Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Peek At Vacation.

Our nice beach vacation weather did include rain on Saturday night while we spent time with friends, but Sunday morning was great.  Matt and I each went running, then we headed out for another day of fun, grabbing coffee, wandering through a farmers market, and settling down on the sand.


Ellie of course enjoyed the sand.  She was less excited about the ocean.

As some storms began brewing, we decided to head out early and swing by Colonial Williamsburg.  The drive was incredibly rainy, and we congratulated ourselves for leaving the beach before we got soaked.  We arrived at the Visitor's Center and parked, loaded up Ellie and the camera and the diaper bag and plastic bags for our phones and a big plastic bag for the camera and set off in the rain.  Then there was thunder.  Twice.

We turned around, repacked the car, decided to try to park closer to Merchant's Square, and see if we could reduce our walk.  Lucky for us, we found parking, the storm broke, and we even ate outside.

I thought we might try a new consequence for naughty behavior.

But in the end, we decided Ellie is too young for the stocks.

* Note: I did not actually think about putting my 17 month old in the stocks.  That would be bad.  Don't try it.

Hope you are having a great week!
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