Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Mini-Getaway.

Two years ago, Matt and I spent a few awful August days waiting for my appointment to have the genetic testing for Down syndrome for our unborn child.  We went to Williamsburg for a few of those days in attempt to take our minds off the situation.  Obviously, that child was discovered to be a girl who does in fact have Down syndrome, hence Ellie's presence in our lives.

Last August, we went on a little vacation to Virginia Beach and Williamsburg while we could still take Ellie out to play, before her open heart surgery lockdown began.  We were afraid for our little girl, and determined to allow her to live it up as much as a baby can before her surgery.

Her scar has faded so much already.

A few days ago, we decided to take a mini-getaway to Virginia Beach, just because we wanted to visit the beach.  We are not aware of any major potential diagnoses or surgeries in the near future.  This visit was pure fun, with the exception of some crazy rain that prompted us to leave the beach early, drive to the Visitor's Center in Williamsburg, load Ellie into the stroller, walk 400 meters, hear thunder, reload the car, and attempt to find parking at Merchant's Square and avoid a lengthy walk with a hefty stroller/lightening rod.  More on that part of our trip will be in later post.

My awesome friend Missy sent me a site with some fun toddler girl hairstyles, and a request to have Ellie try them.

While the weather was expected to be less-than-beachy, we lucked out with perfect temperatures and could only complain about the wind.  Ellie was interested in the sand and making friends with nearby beachgoers, and she didn't appreciate Matt's attempts at taking her swimming.  Following our time on the beach, we had dinner with a dear friend of mine and her family, including her very adorable one year old son.  She pointed out how far we've come, eating dinner with husbands and kids at a real table.

The trip out of town was exactly what we needed, and you'll be seeing more photos as I upload them over the next few days.  It's my last week of summer, so we're attempting to get out and enjoy this bit of freedom.

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  1. fun getaway! I need some hairdos for a preschooler (eli's big sister!)- where is that site? Lisa D.

    1. Lisa, I know I pinned it! Let me check when I'm on a real computer and send it to you.

  2. Such a nice story and Ellie gets cuter every day!


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