Monday, July 9, 2012

The Storm After the Calm.

What do you do on a 105 degree weekend in DC with little breeze or chance for relief?

If you're us, not a lot.  Friday brought a goodbye dinner for one of my very first DC friends who is now a few hours away near Philly.  Otherwise, we made few quick trips to the pool, went to church, and read a lot.  Last night, a storm rolled in and everything cooled down.  Ellie took her sweet time falling asleep, finally nodding off around 9:45, determined to stay awake and screaming her head off if we left her alone.  And before you say, "Let her cry it out," let me remind you that we live in a townhome.  With new neighbors.

The thunder that hit last night was the kind that rattled the windows, demanding we check on Ellie, who was cashed out, completely unaware of the storm.  She woke up early and happy.

I'm sure there's some kind of a lesson there, about having a bad night but waking up and truly starting over with a new, happy day.  However, I'm a little sleep deprived myself, so I'll have to get back to you with some kind of good analogy.

The rain did make for a great early-morning run, and I was in the zone so much I didn't notice a giant puddle.  My running shoes are currently full of newspaper, drying out.  As for Ellie, she took a solid nap before physical therapy, but still argued with us over tasks like walking and doing squats.  She is doing so well, her leg strength is so good, but she has trouble putting all the pieces together.  We have another session on Wednesday, so I'll update then on how our latest idea works out.  Ellie will be kinesiotaped to help her engage her tummy muscles while she walks.

PS.  As you know, I love the Friday Phone Dump.  I took the idea from Kelle, who now posts happy Instagram photos from her followers.  Check out the end of this post.  Better yet, check out the entire post, because it's good.
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  1. Ohmygosh, I LOVE that photo of Ellie sleeping!! She looks so much like Samantha there, with her little tongue sticking out (that's how Sammi sleeps, too). SO sweet. :-)

    Good advice to those that might advise crying it out... LOL

  2. Thank goodness for the cooling down. Can't believe how much hair Ellie is getting. That b/w photo is so, so adorable. :)
    Hope your week continues to be cooler!

  3. Ellie's hair sure is growing! The b/w photo of her is just the sweetest thing.
    Glad to hear you got to cool down a little bit. Here's hoping it will stay that way this week!


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