Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sixteen Months, and West Coast Love.

Dear Ellie,

Today is the Fourth of July.  You are sixteen months old, and you just completed your first West Coast adventure.  Instead of giving everyone an update, I'm going to share our vacation, because that tells so much about who you are right now.

Daddy says you are a good West Coast baby because you have a great tan, you love the sand, and you are very open with your feelings and express them frequently.  I say it's in your blood.  So here's part one of your first trip to Orange County, San Diego, and the infamous "Inland Empire."


We went to California the day after arriving home from New York City.  You were very good on the plane ride, and you did a lot of sleeping, which was good.  We spent Tuesday at Dana Point with Pops.    Muma had to work, but she was with us for dinner.  You told her all about the birds you saw.  Instead of doing the sign for "bird" we've been doing for months, you flapped your "wings" and pointed at every single bird.  You also started signing "banana" this week when Mommy was getting ready to feed you a banana.

"Why is my bottom getting all wet?!?!" 


On Wednesday, we went to Sea World.  You loved the little fish at Turtle Reef, but you didn't care about the turtles at all.  You were very brave at Shark Encounter, although the dolphins scared you a little.  You liked the outside penguins, but not the inside penguins.  Grandma Sally went to Sea World with us and it was Mommy's birthday gift and Daddy's Father's Day gift, so Mommy and Daddy even went on Shipwreck Rapids while you took a nap and Grandma watched you.  Daddy got the most soaked out of our whole boat!


Mommy feeding the bat rays.  These were Mommy's favorite as a little girl.  But now they sell bat ray food, which is amazing.

Jerk birds kept trying to steal bat ray food and sea lion food.

Daddy and Grandma Sally.

We saw Shamu, which you didn't care about, and the dolphin show, where you liked the birds.  You also liked all the birds who aren't Sea World birds, but just visit for the fish.  Your favorites were a two-toed sloth as well as any little fish.  I guess little Ellies like little fishies.

Feed me fish!


Grandma and Ellie checking out bat rays.

Daddy and Ellie checking out dolphins.

The flipping dolphins.


Grandma and Ellie chatting.

Daddy and Mommy post-Shipwreck Rapids.

Daddy got to go swim with the dolphins, but you slept through the whole thing.  Daddy befriended a dolphin named Beeker, and he and Beeker kissed!  (She was very good looking, but I was still jealous.)  Daddy looked like a dolphin trainer in his wetsuit, and Beeker did whatever Daddy told him using dolphin sign language, which is sort of like regular sign language, but for dolphins.

Daddy travels via dolphin. 


Ellie, thank you for being so good at Sea World.  You loved it, and we loved having you with us.  You made us laugh and we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to stay at the park through dinner time.

And that, my love, is where we will end for today.  Much more about your first West Coast experience to come!

Love, Mommy

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  1. Great memories! And some very nice photos. I like Matt's description of a West Coast baby. I bet wing-flapping Ellie was super cute! :)

  2. Ellie, you are a lucky girl to be born with the "good traveler" gene since you go on so many adventures!! Mommy is a very good photographer!!

  3. Fantastic photography! Looks like you all had a blast!

  4. Love the pictures! Glad you are having a great time!

  5. There is something SO amazing about going to places like Sea World for the first time with your very own child. It is like everything takes on a magical quality! Way to go with all of your signing and being awesome on planes, Ellie! :)


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