Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My computer's autocorrect likes to change "sicky" to "sucky," and I think Ellie would approve.

After a grumpy day yesterday, Ellie just picked at her dinner.  If you've ever eaten a meal with Ellie, you know that this behavior is hardly characteristic.  And then, she puked.

And puked again.

And got all cleaned up and almost asleep.

And puked again.

Every parent hates seeing their child sick.  It's miserable, you feel helpless, you want to scoop them up and hug them and make the pain go away.  (Except for when they puke on your shirt.  Then, you want to dump them in the bathtub and get yourself cleaned up before you hug them.)

Following Ellie's duodenal atresia surgery, she looked pretty sick.  She was just a scrawny thing in the NICU, attached to tubes and wires and monitors.  After her heart surgery, she looked awful, but we were slightly more prepared.  We'd seen her post-surgery before.

Lately, Ellie has looked bigger, stronger, and more toddler-ish.  While she's still working on independent standing, she plays upright a lot, building with her blocks or putting hats on her stuffed octopus.  She cruises the furniture.  She signs and imitates words with enthusiasm, if not accuracy.

When she's sick, she looks so little and fragile.  I know it's normal for kids to get sick.  I'm always scared when I talk to the after hours nurse, because I know that Ellie's medical history will be covered.  "Trisomy 21, duodenal atresia repaired at one day, complete AVSD, full repair, no complications..."  As I repeat those words, I'm reminded of a time when Ellie was tiny and weak.  I look at my girl, and I am so grateful for how far she's come, but I wonder if I'll ever "get over" the emotion when I think back to her earliest days.

I think sometimes I forget that after all the huge, life-altering sick, we still have to deal with just regular "kid-sick."

We spent today watching the Olympics, reading books, cuddling, and watching far too many Elmo videos on YouTube.  Ellie is fed up with her current diet of "bland starchy foods" and water, and every time I hand her the water, she signs "milk."

This bout of sick hasn't required a trip to the doctor, just Gatorade, love, and rest.

Even so, I'm ready for it to be over.  Until tomorrow, we'll mostly be watching TV.  Good thing we changed our screen time rule for the next couple of weeks!

If you're also an avid watcher, avoid all major news outlets.  I was waiting to watch gymnastics and swimming tonight, and cnn.com took all the tension out of the games.  If anyone knows anyone at CNN, please ask them to add a "turn off Olympic spoiler" option to their homepage.  Or at least convince them not to put important Olympic news into "Breaking News!"

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  1. Ick. Poor Ellie. Cora is commiserating although she seems to be feeling better today. Funnily, her bugs only last 1 day. But she's had 3 this month, not consecutively. Hoping your baby feels better. It really is no fun having a sucky or sicky girl.

  2. Feel better Ellie! Although dealing with regular "kidsick" is better than the early scary sick stuff, it's still sucky!


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