Sunday, July 29, 2012

Play Dough.

You know those awesome ideas on Pinterest that are going to make you a better mom and a better teacher and a better photographer and crafter and designer and all-around better person?

I've seen a few play dough recipes lately, and I thought Ellie would enjoy smooshing some play dough.  I wasn't confident enough to go purchase play dough, because I also figured Ellie would taste test and I wanted it to be safe.

I followed this recipe and made green play dough for Ellie.  (I did not add extra dye.  She's 16 months.  I would have made colorless play dough if I knew how.)  Not only was it easy and made from all stuff I had in the kitchen, it also tasted bad, which I hoped would discourage Ellie from eating too much.

I plopped Ellie down in her booster seat, which I've been trying to use for non-food related activities.  Ellie eats in her regular high chair, but we've been coloring, etc. in the booster hoping to create a "play time" space and a "food time" space.  I have no idea if that idea is good or not.

Ellie regarded her green play dough with suspicion.  I made her a snake and she threw it to the ground. I handed her the lump of play dough and she poked it quickly, then pulled her hand back in case the play dough attacked.  Eventually, she smashed some of it, threw some of it, and tasted it a few times only be disappointed every time.  She looked concerned throughout her play dough experience.

Maybe next time.
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