Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On Running with Ellie.

If you know me, you probably are aware that I like to run.  I like to run a lot.  Often, this means either waking up at 5 am (Ellie is my helper with that) or running with Ellie.  Even when I'm not with Ellie, I find myself failing to use my arm-swing and resembling a t-rex, with my arms at stroller handle height.  I also tend to keep up a narrative, even when Ellie isn't with me, out of habit.  "Look, a red bus.  Hello, doggie.  Hear the birdies?  See the red bird?  Look, a green bus.  Hello, firetruck."

Today, I did a six mile run in preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon in the fall, followed by strides, all with Ellie in the stroller.  I opted against "cross-field" strides with a stroller, because I think the local high schools like their nice turf fields, and I didn't want to ruin one.  Instead, I ran around an asphalt loop at our community center after my run, and noticed Ellie looking longingly at the kids playing on the playground.

I can't blame her.  She was in a stroller for over an hour while the other kids played.

After my strides, I brought her over to the swings, fully aware that I had 15 minutes worth of drills left to do.  And inspiration struck.

Drills while Ellie swings.

Lunge forward with each push, lunges were done.

High knees and butt kickers after a big push while the swing slowed down.

Added bonus: Ellie looking at me and laughing.  I guess my form could use improvement.

Biggest added bonus: This face.

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After we got cleaned up, we hit the pool, and Ellie decided to do a little pool walking with a much better attitude than yesterday.  She's currently napping in the middle of the living room floor after lunch, sprawled out on her towel.

The pool may be the key to summertime naps.  Happy Monday.

PS. The winner of the Free Music Giveaway is... DLW, who wrote "Let's see... first concert ever was Debbie Gibson! Many New Kids on the Block, Dave Matthews Band concerts, I have seen James Taylor, Radiohead, Roc the Mic (which included Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Fabulous and 50 Cent) and I am sure there are many others I am forgetting. I love all types of music and are always looking for some new tunes. You have my email so if I am a winner you know how to get a hold of me :) Love you!"

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  1. Good for you! I run too. Though not as much as you. I did 7 with Cal in the stroller a couple weeks ago and that was okay. It is hard not moving the arms. I am shorter though - about 5'2" I too feel bad when they sit in the stroller so long but it's okay when they sleep - added bonus! Now if I could just get my older 2 to bike faster and safer we could all go!

  2. Our town did a stroller walk one day, and I took Ben. The woman who organized it had all these exercises for us to do with the strollers - lunges, squats, etc. I think it looked pretty silly to have all of us lunging around the playground, but it worked. :) I am impressed that Ellie will hang out in the stroller for an hour. Ben gets tired of it for sure.

  3. I would LOVE to watch you run and narrate without Ellie! We haven't made it to the running stage. We have to fast walk...the boys don't ride fast enough to run...they get side-tracked too easily!

  4. I love Ellie's face in that picture! She totally looks like she's getting a good laugh out of your drills.


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