Sunday, July 15, 2012

NDSC Convention Time.

Warning: In the next week, you will most likely be reading a lot about the NDSC convention.  I am thrilled that this event is in DC, super excited to meet moms with whom I've exchanged many emails, and most of all, excited to learn more about how Ellie learns and grows uniquely thanks to her extra chromosome.

"Mama's gonna go learn about me.  Like how I learn to walk.  Like this."

A few fellow Down syndrome moms have shared the sessions they plan to attend, which is helpful to me because I know where to find people.  Thanks, Tricia and Becca, I'm now stealing your idea.  So, without further ado, my "likely to change intended convention schedule."


I thought an easy plan would be to attend the Blogger sharing session.  I don't really know what that means, but I figured that will have the widest age-variety, and I don't feel the need to attend the 0-2 group.  I also learned that a Prenatal Testing meeting will occur during that time, and I may try to split the two.  As Ellie was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome, and an AVSD, and duodenal atresia, prenatal testing and balanced information are priorities to me.  I often forget how lucky we were to receive good information from the vast majority of our doctors.


Oh, this is tough.  My early morning picks so far are either Early Math instruction or See and Learn.  I'm leaning toward Math, because I feel like there's plenty available to read on early literacy in kids with DS, but less available on the mathematics front.  But Sue Buckley is supposed to be amazing.  How do I choose?

For the 10:30 session, I'm thinking about Early Speech, but if that is full, I will be either in the Reading Intervention or Memory workshop.  I want to learn more about working memory, but I also feel like the reading intervention workshop could offer me helpful training professionally.  Decisions, decisions.

In the afternoon, either Time and Money or Encouraging Creativity.  I'm not the most creative, but I want to encourage Ellie's creativity.  Person Centered Planning was my friend Missy's pick, and I trust her with just about anything on the Down syndrome front.  That will be a game-time decision.

Memory?  Remember this, Mama.  Walking is ONLY okay if it's my idea.


For the morning session, Inclusive Best Practices seems like my best option.  Helpful for Ellie, helpful for a teacher who teaches in an inclusive setting.

Finally, Sunday afternoon, it's a toss up between hearing a self-advocate talk about achieving a healthy lifestyle in her living situation or attending Modifications to the Core Curriculum.  The fact that this is a toss up tells you  how much I love teaching Special Education.  I really want to go to the second one, but I think that hearing from a self-advocate may be a better way to end the conference!  Who talks about modifications for fun?  Oh, me.  A lot.  Ask Matt.

This walking thing is hard.  I'm leaving.

Of course, I'll meet up with friends, change my mind, possibly discover sessions are full, hear about other sessions that are better suited to my interests, etc.

Are you attending NDSC?  What do you want to learn about?  Have you attended before?  What should I know going in?  I am super excited and ready to soak up some knowledge and friendship, and I'm stoked to show Ellie off to a number of blog readers, too!
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  1. I plan on being there also...hope to meet you at the bloggers session on Friday :-)


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