Thursday, July 19, 2012

NDSC Convention, Day Zero {Zoo}.

When you have a kid with Down syndrome, your family is given entry into a club consisting of all the other families that also have a kid with Down syndrome.

We are lucky indeed to have a system of support in place for parents, and to have a number of available resources for our kids.  And we're lucky to have the internet, so we can meet up with other families we have known via email before the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention even begins!

Today, Ellie and I met two other families at the zoo, and got to say a quick hello to another family before we headed home to beat rush hour.  Since the NDSC Convention is right down the street from the zoo, we also noticed plenty of other adults and children with Down syndrome checking out the animals.  I felt happy when I saw other families.  We didn't meet anyone aside from the kids we were with, but I enjoy the reminder that our family isn't alone in this journey.  Seeing older kids and teenagers hanging out at the zoo with their families did my heart good.

I know the photo quality on these isn't the best, but we're talking about six kids five and under on a 90-something degree day.  Enjoy them for what they are... and expect much more in the coming days from NDSC!

All the kids.

Checking out cows and goats and stuff.  Yep, Norah's family came all the way from Iowa to see the fake farm.

I pointed the camera at Ruby.  She waved.

Making friends from their strollers.

Ellie escaping in Amazonia.



Looking at fish.

Big kids looking at turtles.

Right before she took off bear crawling.

Climbing the bear.

So sleepy.

Ellie is not listening.  But look at Ruby's smile!  And Norah carried the tablet and "took notes."  She's a riot.

And FYI, taking a good photo of six children is not easy... Exhibit A.

"Why is Ellie's butt in my face?"  "I'm going to climb this wall now!"  "Mom, why am I holding Danielle?"  "Norah, cuddle me!"

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