Monday, July 16, 2012

A Letter to Mama from Ellie.

Dear Mama,

As you know, on Friday, I decided to show off a lot of my new walking-with-a-walker skills.  I've been signing a lot, and trying to impress everyone with my signing and my walking and my general awesomeness.  Well, I am tired.  And I am working on a new tooth.  It's a molar.  Three little points are through so far.  I'm in a lot of pain, and Tylenol only does so much.

Today, you kept saying, "Ellie, let's walk!" and I kept saying, "Mama, I am too tired!"  But you ignored me.  And now, Mama, you look like you might have some trouble telling the truth.  You told all your friends and you posted on Facebook and you wrote here, "Ellie can walk with a walker!"

But I had a game today to make me feel better about my hurting tooth.  You'd hold my hands to help me walk, and I'd lift my legs up very very high, so that I was flying.  Flying beats walking any day.  Sometimes, you'd try to make me use my walker, and as soon as you stepped back, I would sit down and crawl away.

I am taking today off.

At the end of the day, my tooth still hurts, and I don't want to walk.  I know you take days off from working out, Mama.  You take two days off every week, Wednesday and Saturday.  I can see your training schedule, you left it up when I borrowed your laptop.  Well today, I decided that I take Mondays off.  Maybe Tuesdays, too.  I'll keep you posted.

Until I decide to resume my walking schedule, I will continue to sign "book" repeatedly because I know you can't say "no" to books.  You also should vacuum again, because when I work on teeth, I have to put everything in my mouth to test out my new teeth.  Remember how the geneticist told you that kids with extra chromosomes like me can get their teeth in an unusual order?  And that it can take longer?  I wanted to make sure you listened to him, because he is smart.

I love you, Mama, but I do not plan to cooperate until this tooth fully arrives.


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  1. Well Miss Ellie, I completely understand. Hopefully your tooth will come in quickly, little cutie.

  2. :) they love to make us look like liars. Fiona lifts her legs up as well, and wraps her legs around my arms when I try to put her down when she wants me to keep carring her. Will be praying that molar comes in soon!

  3. Aw Ellie molars are the WORST. Tell your mama we just discovered chocolate covered frozen bananas and I wish we'd found them sooner because they would ROCK for cutting teeth!


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